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The Chemical Reaction Network Toolbox

    Welcome to the Chemical Reaction Network Toolbox download page. The Toolbox is available as its latest release, Version 2.35 (which was written for Windows), or as its DOS version. The Windows version can run on Mac or Linux operating systems with the aid of the freeware Winebottler or a similar program. The DOS version, which has a powerful simulation module absent in the Windows version, can also run on any system under the auspices of the freely available DOSBox program. For a more detailed explanation of the two Toolbox versions' capabilities and differences, please read here.


New in Version 2.35: Version 2.35 is the same as Version 2.3 with the addition of one module, accessible from the Reports menu (after running the Basic Report). When I was writing Foundations of Chemical Reaction Network Theory (Springer), it occurred to me that it would be great if I could enter a network in the Toolbox and then get LaTeX code for a network display along with code for the corresponding system of differential equations. These could then be copied and pasted into LaTeX manuscripts for articles and books. After I finished Foundations, I decided to write such a module and add it to the Toolbox for the benefit of others. This should save you lots of work!

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